Montag, 18. November 2013

Wanderlust @ Poste Restante


Open call :
for the Frankfurt Collection of the Poste Restante Project: International Mail Art.
Any format, drawings. photos, found objects, textiles, film, music , responding to the theme Wanderlust.

Please send art works to :
Coleman-Link : Wanderlust
C/o AtelierFrankfurt,
Schwedler Str 1-5
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Closing date end of March 2014

Exhibition: April 2014
All Artworks will be shown together with the Cuges Collection.

Montag, 11. November 2013

Kultursalon Schiller - Dortmund

Backdrop for concerts.
8 participants over a four day period designed, using overhead projections of their drawings a backdrop, a collage of styles stitched onto a waterproof fabric which will be used for concerts, at KulturSalon Schiller.
Artistic Direction: Liz Coleman-Link