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TRADING STYLE – The Global Street*

What do fashion and style tell us about society? How do people from different generations and cultures communicate through clothing? How do fashions travel? How is individual style traded?

TRADING STYLE – The Global Street* opens at the Weltkulturen Museum on 7th November 2012. It sets up an exceptional dialogue between four international, cutting-edge fashion labels and the historic ethnographic collections of the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to explore the rich connections between past and future worlds of global style and fashion.
The exhibition presents over 500 objects from Oceania, Africa, South-East Asia and America. Each artefact conveys exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. From embroidered moccasins and sandals through to elaborately decorated bags, woven belts, rainbow-coloured feather headdresses and eccentric hats, the extensive collection of fashion items from the Weltkulturen Museum offers an outstanding variety of unique designs, patterns, colour codes and techniques from around the world.
New creations specially produced for TRADING STYLE by four international guest designers, A Kind of Guise (Germany), Buki Akib (Nigeria), CassettePlaya (United Kingdom) and P.A.M./Perks and Mini (Australia), are presented in dialogue with objects, photographs and films from the museum. The designers’ exhibits include digital prints, videos and sound works alongside original textiles and garments developed as a part of their new “collection of a collection”.
*A Weltkulturen Museum/Theatrum Mundi/The Global Street Project

Participating fashion designers:
A Kind of Guise (Germany) Residency Weltkulturen Labor April 2012
CassettePlaya (Great Britain) Residency Weltkulturen Labor May/August 2012
Buki Akib (Nigeria) Residency Weltkulturen Labor June 2012
Perks and Mini/P.A.M (Australia) Residency Weltkulturen Labor July 2012

Artistic Director: Teimaz Shahverdi
Project Managment: Christine Peters

Public Presentations at the Weltkulturen Labor:
Buki Akib
"RHYTHM AND STYLE – Musical Instruments from around the World and their Influence on Fashion"
Tuesday, 26th June, 7pm

Perks and Mini/P.A.M.
"P.A.M. TRIBE – Discussing notions of Neo-Tribalism, Community Spirit, and Subculture"
Wednesday, 25th July, 7pm

"WARRIOR SWAGGER – Male Initiation Rituals in Papua New Guinea, the Amazon and United Kingdom"
Wednesday, 8th August, 7pm
A Kind of Guise (München)
Wednesday, 2nd May, 7pm
Presentations with objects from the collection and films. In English.
Weltkulturen Labor, Schaumainkai 37
Entrance €3 incl. refreshments.

Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Dudley Sutton - Navigator

A short film starring Dudley Sutton, by Seamus McGarvey & Robert Kennedy. Poem The Navigator - written by Dudley Sutton